Events to purchase Faversham Fudge at.

Weald of Kent Stream Rally,

6th and 7th August 2016
Little Engeham Farm,
Bethersden Road,
TN26 3QY
Weald of Kent Stream Rally

Military Odyssey

27th to 29th August 2016
Kent Showground
Military Odyssey

Tenterden Folk Festival,

1st and 2nd October 2016
Recreation Ground
Tenterden Folk Festival

Chocolate and Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge

Chocolate Fudge

Maple and Walnut Fudge

The Perfect Sweet Treat

Soft, smooth and creamy, that describes Faversham Fudge. It is a butter fudge which makes it softer and less sugary than the Scottish tablet. There are many different flavours including Rum and Raisin, Vanilla, Coffee, Caramel, Maple and Walnut and many more. A new flavour is tried each season and there are also seasonal flavours such as Christmas Pudding! Only natural oils where possible and specialist sugars are used to make this a truly original treat.

Homemade Fudge

Yes, this really is homemade. Faversham Fudge is made in a small kitchen unit in the garden of Paul and Sue Cumberland’s house in historic Faversham, Kent, England. It started back in 1995 when a friend decided to give up making her own fudge. She taught Paul everything she knew and they have since developed their own methods and flavours.

Availability of Faversham Fudge

Faversham Fudge is only available from Shows or events that we ourselves attend, sorry we do not wholesale. Check out the show links on this page that support us. Event organizers contact us to find out how to get a free advertising on this site.


Faversham Fudge is naturally Gluten Free unless you choose a flavour, such as Vanilla and Malteser where the Maltesers contain gluten. Otherwise every flavour is free from Gluten for you. Nut free? Again, almost always except for the obvious ones where the nut is in the name and sadly, the Christmas Pudding flavour, but we cannot guarantee a nut free environment so nut trace could be found in any of them. We personally do not have the ground nut, peanut, in our production unit as this is the most usual nut alagee we have came across. If you have any other alagees please asked and if we cannot give a postive responce our advise is do not have any till we have doubled checked. Today due to changes in the rules we have a sign on the stall.


Faversham Fudge is an ideal gift to give at any time of year we can deliver it directly by post at cost, to the receiver be it for a Birthday present, mothers day, fathers day, that teaser of a valentines gift, or just to say thanks for your help.
Corporations may wish to use our gift boxes as awards for achievements or to make the impression on valued customers for their custom or appreciation to a suppliers for that extra special help. At present this is only done in person or via the phone and a cheaque being sent to us before delivery.

Images of some of Faversham Fudges Flavours

Rum and Raisin Fudge

Carmel Fudge.

Orange and Chocolate Fudge

Mint and Chocolate Fudge

Vanilla and Maltessas Fudge