Woodland being coppiced for log production
Woodland being coppiced for logs, improving the ecology of the wood, allowing light onto the woodland floor to start the tree growing circle again.
Timber stack, drying out you can see process starting by the split ends,
Timber stack, dry out before processing into logs for open fires and wood burners, you can see the ends splitting showing the drying process taking place
Woodman coppice fire
Fire to clear brush from coppicing a Kent Wood, were the trees are converted to logs for sale for Open fires and woodburners

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Kent Logs, why buy local

You can help in the management and upkeep of the Kent Countryside my purchasing local Kent logs, for your open fire or wood burners. If you live in other parts of Britain you would benefit from finding yourself a local supplier to support British wildlife and help in reducing our carbon footprint for if logs are transported around the country you will be losing a percentage of any carbon saving, because of using more fuel in transporting the logs whilst very likely having to pay an additional premium to cover the extra transport costs involved in moving the wood, will incur. Buying local logs for sale helps to look after your local countryside, keeping jobs local helps allow local country traditions to carry on, and improves the chance of your money staying in the surrounding economy and even coming back to you or the business you work for, so helping you to keep your own job.

Season Logs for sale, what to think about.

Season logs indicate that the wood has been left to dry out over a period of time, for when a tree is first cut down it holds a large percentage of water, seasoning is a natural process to remove a large amount of this moisture. The timber is left exposed to the elements so that air can pass over the wood to evaporate the moisture from the wood into the atmosphere, it was the method used to season timber before being used for building or carpentry work. It will depend on the tree, how the logs are cut, and how exposed to rain as to the length of time it will take to reduce the moisture for logs, today some people are speeding this process up as has been done in the timber industry by using kilns to dry the wood out. There is an additional cost in putting the cord wood into kilns, and you maybe prepared to pay this additional premium, for slightly reduced moisture content, but your cost per unit of heat is what you ought to be thinking about. Kiln dry will produce a little more heat then most conventrual well season logs but costs you money per volume of logs, so make your own mind up, it is advised that you keep the Logs undercover outdoors so the air can circulate around the logs that means if it rains or we have fog your logs can get moisture around them, if they are too dry it is possible that moisture could be absorb into the dry logs, for this reason it is advisable to keep kilned dried logs indoors .
The reason for using season logs, is because dryer wood increase the heat output of the wood fuel volume for volume from the same tree species and gives of less waste, which means the chimney will stay cleaner, but it is still advisable to have you chimney clean each year.
The other factor that affects the heat output is the density of a tree’s logs, if you weight a hardwood log such as Oak it will weigh more than a softwood Pine log of the same size, if both have the same moisture content, this is why most people say that hardwood is better then softwood. As hardwood is denser it burns longer volume for volume so needs less loading of the fire or burner, if whoever you look at the calorific value, very hard to see or be inform off from any log seller due to the science needed and the general lack of knowledge, softwood when well dried should be a little higher then hardwood weight for weight at the same moisture level.
It is for the above two reasons you are best to buy your firewood logs by volume rather then weight for trees wood can loose up to 50% of their weight from the time it is cut to being burnt as fuel in the form of Logs if well dried.

Logs help the Environment

Logs are produced from either tree surgeon, or left over are from wood production and mainly from direct coppicing which has been proved to be a very sustainable carbon neutral fuel production process and increases the biodiversity of the woods ecosystem. Coppiced woods are cut down on a regular cycle, allowing plants to grow on the opened land in the first few year such as Foxgloves their seeds can stay dormant in the ground for years before the conditions for growth become right, this rich plant growth gives rise to many invertebrates to flourish, later with the tree growth gaining height from the rootstocks birds such as the scarce Nightingale, move into 3 –7 year old coppice and latter when its 5 – 10 year old Nightjars can be found, this change in Birdlife shows how the invertebrates change as the woodland returns to full canopy cover, so a well manage woodland having sections cut down each year enables all wildlife, from plants, insects, birds and animals to find the area that best suits it requirements, so adding to the biodiversity, this system has been neglected in many woods over the last 30 years, to the determent of British wildlife but with the insurgence of wood as a fuel, along with the popularity of wood burners in the last few years by helping people to reduce their fuel costs, it has started to bring some of these woods back into a management system, giving them a commercial value and pushing the market value of woodlands up, otherwise it was only the use of woodlands for country pursuits such as shooting that required any management of these ancient coppiced woodland.

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Woodman coppicing Managed Woodland with Deer fencing Nuthatch a woodland bird painted by
Alan M Hunt
for sale
Coppicing woodland, with woodman tree felling. Managed woodland  Painting Nuthatch on autumn leaf branch
Kent mixed hardwood wood, with felled Hornbean in forground A woodland showing standards above under coppice wood, used for a pheasant shoot Dead tree branch with Nuthatch

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