Swallow flying in meadow painted by Peter Bainbridge
Painting that won the Bird artist of the year in 2004
Pheasant flying by Peter Bainbridge
Pheasant flying painting for sale please contact
Pheasant painting by Peter Bainbridge Pheasant painting by Peter Bainbridge

Mike Woodcock,

As with most wildlife artists Mike developed my interest in wildlife as a young boy, back in those days a child had much more freedom to explore and roam unsupervised. He would take a walk along the ‘back alley’ and slip through a bent railings into “his” field and across onto an area of chalk downland where he was able to catch common lizards and slow-worms, or watch the local kestrels hunting whilst lying on his back in the long grass. Today “his” field holds a housing development and he suspect with the years he could no longer squeeze through the railings.
Here in Kent Mike is lucky to have a good variety of habitats to plan his paintings around, from woodlands, chalk downs, rivers to estuaries, farmland and marshes, although many of them are threatened by development, much like the fondly remembered field of his youth. He is a regular visitor to the RSPB reserve like Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey, the KWT reserve at Oare nr Faversham and the Woodland Trust's Hucking Estate amongst others and, further afield, he love the landscape of Norfolk and visit as often as I can. In the last couple of years, visits to a friend in Singapore have opened up a new range of fauna and birds to thrill his light senses.
Mike Woodcock generally only paints those birds and animals that he have personally encountered in the wild and is a firm believer that, there is beauty to be found in the everyday, if only we take the time to look for it. He tries to capture that beauty in his paintings to encourage people to admire and appreciate the many sights that are around them and, in so doing, his wish is to encourage them to fight to preserve it.
Mike’s love of the arts expands to writing and I know it is a wish of his to write and illustrate a Childs book, but strongly supporting his family and one of his children, who wishes to become an actor, is at present eliminating his time to pursue it.
Mike work started of very tight and realistic, but he has experimented with very abstract and loose work which in my feeling has lifted his work to another level, as he has come to accept not everything needs to be illustrated in a painting exactly with perfect detail to make a pleasing realistic painting, for he has learnt the old add ajiff, “less is more” can be very effective and true when it comes to artwork.
Work of Mike Woodcock has been featured in various magazines including Artists and illustrators, Wild Britain along with Birds illustrated and Wildscape, with both shutting up since the economic downturn that started in 2009 and is only just starting to show signs of recover in 2013. He also had work in Tim Wootton's book, ‘Drawing and painting birds ’. Then in 2010 Mike won the British birds category of the BBC Wildlife artist of the year competition with his painting, ‘Too late! ’ this was the award that to date means the most to him.
Mike Woodcock’s paintings have sold to collectors as far afield as The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, The United States, Canada, India as well as Europe, represented by ‘Birds Birds Birds ’ the gallery in Faversham and being one of their more successful artists.

Woodcock Roding Roe Deer and Goldfinches Woodcock flying through Silver Birch Kingfisher competing against a Trout
Woodcock roding painting Roe deer and Goldfinches Woodcock through Silver Birch Kingfisher competing against Trout
Was produced as a L.E. Print Goldfinches in flight with Roe Deer An image used as a Christmas Card Underwater river scene

Kingfisher diving Nuthatch in Autumn Wren on Twig
Kingfisher diving Nuthatch in Autumn
The first commission Birds Birds Birds got for Peter Bainbridge Nuthatch on Autumn with light playing on the coloured leaves Not one of Peters Standard type of Paintings

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