Swallow flying in meadow painted by Peter Bainbridge
Painting that won the Bird artist of the year in 2004
Pheasant flying by Peter Bainbridge
Pheasant flying painting for sale please contact
Pheasant painting by Peter Bainbridge Pheasant painting by Peter Bainbridge

Peter Bainbridge,

Peter was born in 1964 and his passion for wildlife started at a very early age, although it was not until the 90’s that his interest in painting came to the fore. His early influence was the work of Ray Harris Ching, although Peter soon developed his own style. By joining the newly established “The Wildlife Art Society” Peter not only began to find outlets to exhibit his paintings but also received encouragement from artists including Alan M Hunt and Chris Christoforou. Through the advice of these artists and others, Peter successfully submitted and sold work at both Christies and Sotheby’s auction houses, as well as becoming a regular exhibitor at the invitation only “Wild in de Natuur” in Holland. Peter was a winner in the Birdwatch Artist of the Year completion in 2004 on his first and only attempt, and has sold paintings in Africa, America and Europe as well as throughout the U.K. Around 2007 Peter was encouraged to paint horse commission and with his interest in attending Race Horse meetings this was an easy addition to Peter’s portfolio of work, the work quickly started to be recognised with a number of his paintings appearing in the 2011 Calendar for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust.
Peter Bainbridge first started working with Birds Birds Birds in 2001 after Paul Cumberland came across his work at a Wildlife and Wetlands Trust Birdfair at Arnadale, where they were both exhibiting. Peter paintings are mainly painted in oils, on canvas or board; he also produces field sketches in watercolour, and is also known to paint with acrylic and watercolours.

Woodcock Roding Roe Deer and Goldfinches Woodcock flying through Silver Birch Kingfisher competing against a Trout
Woodcock roding painting Roe deer and Goldfinches Woodcock through Silver Birch Kingfisher competing against Trout
Was produced as a L.E. Print Goldfinches in flight with Roe Deer An image used as a Christmas Card Underwater river scene

Kingfisher diving Nuthatch in Autumn Wren on Twig
Kingfisher diving Nuthatch in Autumn
The first commission Birds Birds Birds got for Peter Bainbridge Nuthatch on Autumn with light playing on the coloured leaves Not one of Peters Standard type of Paintings

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