one cubic meter bag of seasoned logs
1 meter cube of logs which makes up our load, this cubic meter bag is bigger then a standard builders bag.
Net bags of logs 2 different sizes
The Red net bag of logs weight about twice that of the orange bag, it takes between 20 and 25 red bags for a cubic meter
Kinderling net bag of firewood
Kinderling is the best wood to use in which to start a log fire, you can cut it from a log yourself or buy it already cut for you

To purchase Logs or for Tree Surgeon Work in Teynham Kent
Ring Richard on 07521 407 877

Teynham Seasoned Logs, local delivery area

Teynham village centre and the surrounding countryside, including the villages of Bapchild, Conyer, Eastling, Lynsted, Newnham, Rodmersham, is in an area we consider as local to Faversham. So come into the free delivery area for orders over £55.

Logs Source

All our wood is either cut by ourselves within 15 miles of Faversham or sourced from a Kent firm with certified FSC Pure for the mixed hardwood cordwood purchased for this season. FSC means that the wood has been obtained from a sustainable source and that they have concern for the environment. The Chestnut logs come from Kent coppiced woodlands or waste timber salvaged from chestnut fencing production again cut from Kent Woodlands.
I am interest in preserving the environment and am at present working towards getting my license to handle dormice.

Log Prices, delivered free within 15 miles travel from Faversham

Prices for Winter 2017 and Spring 2018 Minium free delivery on order over £55 are free for Teynham

     1 cubic meter Mixed Hardwood                     loose load £100
     2 cubic meter Mixed Hardwood                     loose load £190
1 cubic meter Chestnut (closed woodburner only) loose load £80
2 cubic meter Chestnut (closed woodburner only) loose load £150

Volume annual contact, for Pubs and larger uses over 10 cubic meter per year please contact for prices

Please note that a large builders bag is often smaller then
900mm x 900mm x 900mm = 0.729 of a cubic meter
Therefore less than three quarters of a cubic meter.

Find a local log supplier in the following towns that will deliver free of charge for these Kent towns.

Logs for sale Canterbury,

Logs for sale Faversham,

Logs for sale Sittingbourne,

Logs for sale Whitstable,

If you supply well season logs locally in area not covered above please contact us if you would like to promote yourself here.

Woodman coppicing Managed Woodland with Deer fencing Nuthatch a woodland bird painted by
Alan M Hunt
for sale
Coppicing woodland, with woodman tree felling. Managed woodland  Painting Nuthatch on autumn leaf branch
Kent mixed hardwood wood, with felled Hornbean in forground A woodland showing standards above under coppice wood, used for a pheasant shoot Dead tree branch with Nuthatch

Tree surgery Work,
We Cut trees down, thin them or plant them if its tree work you want done we are the boys, free quote followed up by with it in writing if you wish to proceed.

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