one cubic meter bag of seasoned logs
1 meter cube of logs, this cubic meter bag is bigger then a standard builders bag.
Net bags of logs 2 different sizes
Net bags not avaiable from this supplier
Kinderling net bag of firewood
Kinderling is the best wood to use in which to start a log fire, you can cut it from a log yourself or buy it already cut for you ask Paul what he can supply when you ring him.

To purchase Logs, please
Ring Paul on Sorry Sold out of Season Wood, Richard from Faversham may help but will cost more then his normal prices due to delivery distance.

Thanet Seasoned Logs, a free local delivery area for Coppice Wood Kent

Thanet Area including the Towns of Birchington, Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs and the villages such as St Peters, North Forelands, Minster, Cliftonville, Manston.

Logs Source

Based just outside of Bridge in Kent just off the A2, Coppice Wood Kent run by Paul who has been servicing the area with firewood logs for a number of years and can be seen giving demonstration of wood production around shows in Kent including the Kent Show. The company works for local estates managing the woodlands elements of the businesses, which is the source of the firewood which is sold in builder’s bags.

Log Prices, delivered free around Thanet

Sorry Sold Out for this season

Please note that a large builders bag is often smaller then
900mm x 900mm x 900mm = 0.729 of a cubic meter
Therefore less than three quarters of a cubic meter, some are only just over half a cubic meter .

Find a local log supplier in the following towns that will deliver free of charge for these Kent towns.

Logs for sale Faversham,

Logs for sale Sittingbourne,

If you supply well season logs locally in area not covered by this site please contact us if you would like to promote yourself here.

Woodman coppicing Managed Woodland with Deer fencing Nuthatch a woodland bird painted by
Alan M Hunt
for sale
Coppicing woodland, with woodman tree felling. Managed woodland  Painting Nuthatch on autumn leaf branch
Kent mixed hardwood wood, with felled Hornbean in forground A woodland showing standards above under coppice wood, used for a pheasant shoot Dead tree branch with Nuthatch

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