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Woodman or Tree Surgeon Job,

You have a tree that needs cutting down or cleared up having fell down from either rotting out or high winds having blown it down, who do you look for the services of, a tree surgeon or woodman both take the same exams for tree cutting and cross cutting at the first level but then, the tree surgeon will go on to cover courses for climbing trees and cutting from within the tree, whilst the woodman is more likely to have done a large tree felling course, each cut trees down general daily but their methods hones different skills, which should be taken into consideration when choosing which type of tree felling service or service for tree removal to employ. So what do you need to consider on the work skill side that each have developed within their daily tree jobs.

Fallen Wind blown Tree to be cleared and removed,

A small tree could be cleared easily by either tradesman, one with a girth of under 10 inches (250mm) over this the tree is likely to be cut up quicker by a woodman the larger the more likely the woodman will be faster, this is for two reasons he is more likely to have the right saw and tools for the job, and secondly more importantly he generally fells his tree from the stump and once on the ground then cuts the tree up to move out off the site often a parkland or woodland site, therefore he is familiar with both tension and compression cuts, and can dismantle it by reducing these forces and reduce the risk of trapping the chainsaw in the branch or trunk by using the correct cuts and tools. The area the tree surgeon may catch up a little time is using his chipper to clear the brush up for the woodman generally burns their brush so does not have this pieces of machinery.
The exception to employ a tree surgeon on large windblown trees would be when it has fallen on and is snagged up on a building, were pulling it off is not an option, were climbing or an Arial platform would be more suited and a tree surgeon is more likely to have the paperwork to operate from an aerial platform to cut trees.

Standing tree to be felled.

The big question here is does it need to be dismantled, taken down in small sections or can it be straight felled onto the ground taking into consideration the force that it will insert on the ground when it falls onto it before being cut up, the former is more expensive and generally carried out by using tree surgery techniques the latter is the domain of the woodman, a good woodman will drop the tree exactly on a marker that could be placed on the ground enabling the woodman to fell a tree between hazards if it is possible, so saving time and hence you money.

Pruning Trees

This would generally be a tree surgeons job, either by climbing the tree or using a pole saw from the ground if the height allows. The ground Pole saw use would not require a second qualified rescue climber to be on the job. There are a number of different pruning jobs that can be carried out, but all leave most of the tree standing and growing, there are a few trees that do not like being pruned and will die if heavily pruned.

Duel skilled tree workers,

This article came about having watched someone clearing a tall wind blown leylandii tree that was snagged into another alongside it, with the additional use of a tractor and rope, there were three men working, one person only seemed to be using the chainsaw with a white helmet and a top handle chainsaw (only able to purchase here in the U.K. having passed the appropriate course) along with a large 24 to 30 inch blade on another chainsaw that sounded well under powered for the blade length when it was cutting. The rope was placed at the wrong location on the tree and the pulled from the wrong direction on most of the tree branches, the rope snapped a number of times, most likely from what we could see because it was not man enough for the job, we would have used cable no questions for the job. The other big fault has the locations the cutter stood at different times which gave him no quick escape routes for his own safety, yet he seemed confident at climbing the tree trunk. When he attempted to cut the trunk the rope broke and the trunk dropped of the back wedging into the supporting tree even more, had he modified the fell and pull he should have succeeded.

The above said there are some very good tree workers that can swap from a woodman skill to tree surgeons skills with ease.

Richards is one of these, working in the industry for the last 6 years being self employed, and living in Faversham will work anywhere in Kent for tree surgery work, he carrys out coppice work in local woodlands and in Forestry commission woodland close to home Kent, most jobs are around Faversham, Whitstabe, Sittingbourne, Challock, Ashford, Canterbury, Teynham, Lenham, Charing the area which he delivers his seasoned logs as woodfuel for open fires or wood burners.

Woodman coppicing Managed Woodland with Deer fencing Nuthatch a woodland bird painted by
Alan M Hunt
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Coppicing woodland, with woodman tree felling. Managed woodland  Painting Nuthatch on autumn leaf branch
Kent mixed hardwood wood, with felled Hornbean in forground A woodland showing standards above under coppice wood, used for a pheasant shoot Dead tree branch with Nuthatch

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