Chipper Hire and Man

Chipper for hire Tree Surgery companies or individuals can hire this Chipper with a man for £275 per day, the man can be your groundy or 2nd Climber, for clean wood brush up to 3 inches the rest should be used as logs, will take one load of chip away in this price if you want me to, extra costs for additional loads and mileage over 15 miles from Faversham Kent, give Richard a ring, 7 years experience most in Forestry but being refused planning for my own woodyard and unable to buy a yard anywhere else. It has forced me to go almost full time into Tree Surgery, I have aerial rescue and cutting from ropes.
Give richard a ring on 07521 407 877 or email, as at times Richard is often off grid up a tree or cannot pick up a mobile signal, he will get back to you in the evening if you leave a message. .
Tree Surgeon in tree
Richard up a tree having just Topped it out.
Woodman or Forestry work, straight felling a Tree often not possible in Gardens but much quicker than dismantling a tree