W.A. Westwood or Wayne Westwood

                   W.A. Westwood or Wayne Westwood

Painting of a Dog working by W.A. Westwood
Painting of a Working Dog, by Wayne Westwood
Barn Owl flying in Landscape by artist W.A. Westwood
Barn Owl flying in Landscape artwork
Black Grouse portrait by wildlife artist W.A. Westwood
Black Grouse portrait acrylic painting

Wayne Westwood,

comes originally from Birmingham, being born there in 1964, but now lives in a small village in Shropshire. He has done various jobs including farm work and making stained glass windows. Having had a heart attack when he was only twenty seven Wayne opted to change his Live and concentrate on his wildlife artwork, although he still enjoys helping out a couple of local friends during the lambing season.
Now in his midlife, Wayne has achieved his dream of becaming a professional wildlife artist, producing fine art in his unique style giving an unusual original visual feel for the observer. He began painting at the age of fifteen and is completely self-taught. He started his original artwork in watercolours then tried oils but didn’t have the patience to wait for them to dry so now he usually uses acrylics to create his original bird art.
W.A. Westwood fine art paintings are in a relistic style and have been produced into both open and limited edition prints, which have lost none of the relisium during the reproduction process. His subjects are mainly animals and birds, and can know be found in galleries around the country, although he has also spent some time in the past painting nudes, he has recently added landscapes is a natural extention to his portfolio. He draws his inspiration from the local countryside which, when he is not painting, is where he can be found.
Wayne was married and they had two children, which are seen regularly. He now has a new partner in his life.
We are happy to arrange a commission for you to acquire Waynes work.

Pheasants fighting Bald Eagle A Shoot Commission Barn Owl
Pheasant fightint acrylic painting Bald Eagle painting for sale Godmersham Park Painting for sale Barn Owl flying by Wayne Westwood
Used on a magazine as the front cover Original for sale email us for details Example of a Commission you could have from your shoot, an ideal gift for the shot captain Barn Owl in flight

Heron Head Merlin, a bird of prey Pheasant on Wall
Heron Head by W.A.Westwood
original painting sold Original maybe for sale
contact us to check
30 x 20 inch original painting sold

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