An ecosystem is,

Generally excepted to be the inter relationship between, animal, plants, minerals down to single molecules on the atomic scale and energy, the energy or power source originates from the Sun often initially via photosynthesis for the plants and creatures, all within a set environment, the big question is what is the environment it encompasses, some say the area should be the whole earth and not just a single landscape ecosystem such as rainforests, marshland or oceans or any of the other niche systems scientist come up with. I agree it should be the whole earth and possible even the cosmos because when you look at the earth as a whole, one of the biggest influence on plants and animals is the weather, but then the weather we understand is effected by many different components, including plants especially the trees, the sun is in reality our driving force as that is were most of our energy comes from initially, but there again outer space has planets and commits that can effect our relationship with the Sun so effecting our ecosystems, hence my believe that we should consider the cosmos as part of the earths ecosystem.

A stable ecosystem is recognised to be, where all the relationships between all elements of the area are in equilibrium or balance, this helps explains why science prefers to look at micro areas and systems generally over a relative short time period, it can therefore disregard the bigger picture due to any minor changes within the system or that effecting the neighbouring systems for they are likely to be small enough so as not to be an influence to any significances, so as to be arguable placed in the realms of a statistical error and therefore not to count, although over time due to the slow actions of evolution it could have a drastic effect on the ecosystem under investigation well after the research has finished or even having its inference spreading and effecting a neighbouring ecosystem that generally is never studied at all alongside the original study area. There is too much at present, we do not understand or know about interrelationship of micro organisms right up to the effects of many insects, thousands of which it is believe we have yet to discover, are having on their own micro systems let alone the effects they have on any others. Many of these creatures brake down what we consider waste matter and as a bye product produce what we generally call greenhouse gases. What effect these micro organisms’ changes are coursing in higher animals such as Birds and Mammals is little studied.

Red Kites over Motorway by Tim Major, mans effect on our ecosystem
Tim Majors, Kites over a man made Motorway from his Birds of Prey range
Kingfisher beating Troat to food, competition within a water ecosystem from outside , this painting is by
 Peter Bainbridge
A Kingfisher finding food in a stream, possible stealing the Trout’s meal.
Artwork Peter Bainbridge
A bumblebee fertilizing the thistle whilst obtaining food. Photo.
A bumblebee,
helping to fertilise a thistle seeds.
Photo Paul Cumberland

Taking the point that everything is interconnected, it necessarily follows, that any actions we do, will affect the ecosystem, the actions of mankind that take place is most likely due to other actions having happened within the ecosystem although it is often down to just mans personal financial greed.
Within a relative stable part of any system you will find the negatives are counselled out by the positive so giving a sense of stability, but unless it is completely at equilibrium, highly unlikely, over time change will take place. One micro ecosystem that comes to mind to me is the motorways, when they were first in place some 40 years ago you would see Kestrels all along the grass verges hovering and hunting, many of those grass verges are now scrubland or small area of woodland, there were no creatures to remove, through the act of eating, the bush or tree saplings many were indeed encouraged, so today the birds of prey are more likely to be Red Kites or Buzzards, benefitting from road kill both being more carrion eater then hunters, where as the mice shrews and voles being the kestrel food have either got better cover or lost to much of their ideal habitat and driven out by a stressful environment followed by the Kestrel. This example is a small area just looking at the highly visual aspect; just imagine the multitude of biological changes within this changing micro ecosystem over the 40 years at the macro and micro levels let alone the changes to the plants and invertebrates in any of these areas.

Game Birds
Oil Painting by Peter Bainbridge
Owls a Bird of the night
Painting available for sale by Mike Woodcock
A Fruit eating Toucan
Original gouche artwork by Eustace Barnes
for sale
Woodcock roding oil painting within a woodland ecosystem by Peter
 Bainbridge. Barn Owl original painting for sale by wildlife artist Mike Woodcock, with the owl on a man made fence post Plate Billed Mountain Toucan, grouche painting by Eustace Barns, a bird from Ecuador within a rainforest ecosystem
Woodcock with Silver Birch by a Woodland glade Barn Owl on Farmland at Dusk Plate Billed Mountain Toucan, seen in tropical rainforests in Ecuador

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