My Blog April 2014 based on Wildlife sightings around birds and conservation thoughts

30th April

The resent arrived Swallows are collection mud for nest building, chicks of Chaffinch in nests, the Great Spotted Woodpeckers have stopped there drumming but I have yet seen them fly to a nest site, found Green Hairstreak Butterflies for the first time at my regular site today plus Orange Tips, a very old small tortoiseshell butterfly plus a number of fresh hatched and good numbers of Peacock’s on the wing, on the insect front wolf spiders, plus two others unidentified my me, some form of flat Shield bug on nettles possible Nettle Bug, Pied Shield Bugs, St Mark’s Fly, bee-fly, horse fly, a couple of different hoverflies, plus a few flies again unidentified. I spent much time just looking a single patch of nettles these micro creatures have much going for them and are the basic building blocks for all wildlife be it plants or other animals creatures, they are food, bio graders, pollinators, with predators at their own level to control numbers with many adaption’s to cater for ever niche, common sense should tell us if we destroy from the face of the earth any one of these creatures we will unbalance the ecosystem that it lives in and change will take place, which is highly likely to affect higher level creatures including man.

18th April

The Blackbirds look glorious today in the Sun in Canterbury, and a Song Thrush in the Tree with the dapples of light through the freshly emerging leaves would have made a fine art painting subject for any wildlife artist. Nature bounces back from disaster, with the late cold easter last year with plants still dormant this year what a change fresh leaves and yound birds in nests already, along with young rabbits in abandance, almost Summer I only hope it is not a long hot and to dry a one.

16th April

Purple Sandpipers still at Hythe on their normal rocks still in winter plumage, along with 6 Turnstones and the Herring Gulls

14th April

had my first Swallow this year today.

10th April

In Kings Wood today the Brimstone was floating along its normal path on the public ride, saw a nice green beetle with two small whitish dot on each wing case about the size of a Honey bee, plus both Red tail and Buff Tailed queen bumble bees, and loads of a Black spider with a white stripe straight down its back there was a few others larger but brown with a light cream stripe which I took to be the female of this unknown species. It is surprising just how many insects you can see when in a woodland area, today was the first day this year the large wood ants were seen on the move.
The sweet chestnuts are still in bud with little signs of sap rising on the cut stumps as against the silver birch stumps that were wet with new rising sap, should set about tapping the standing trees before they are felled for some of that free unable to buy seasonal drink. On the bird front saw Wood Pigeons, heard Drumming Woodpeckers and spotted a Great Spotted on way out, and heard just one Tawny Owl calling today.

Tom Tit Blue Tit in Winter painting Blue Tit painting
Blue Tit photo
Tom Tit or Blue Tit photo Wood Pigeon rear view, photography Blue Tit artist Sam Harvey photo of Blue Tit by Paul Cumberland
7” x 5” image for licensing
Winter Blue Tit by artist Richard Allen Blue Tit artwork
by Sam Harvey
Paul Cumberland
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