The wren a popular bird that is often painted by artists or produced as a sculpture is our small common Wren; this brown bird has the benefit for art of being an unusual shape with its round body and square cocked tail and protruding head. Which puts the bird more into a general square shape rather then what is generally a triangle or rectangle shape for most birds. This simple shape change lets the artist conceive different focal lines around or into the bird to that of other species. The almost uniform dark colouration allows for the artist to ping this dark silhouette away from a light background with a good degree of punch making for a more three dimensional image. The bird is also popular among the public which could be either because of its shape or the reminder of the magic one feels when seen skulking beneath the undergrowth or hearing that musical song.

Wren on apples painted by Pat Carlton
With acrylic paints Pat Carlton produce this artwork on a canvas board, with her technique that softens the image in a way generally only seen with pastels.
Peter bainnbridge painting of a Wren
This picture shows the Wren painted relisticly as the focal point in this image, in a modern style that attracts the interest of interior designers
David L prescott Wren painting
This gouache painting of a wren by David L Prescott, produces a soft feel in cold conditions, it has been used as a Christmas Card.
Wren painting
Sam Harvey painting in watercolour inks on paper, Sam works with a loose composition, capturing the essence of the bird, but lacks the photographic details that many birders look for in a picture. .
Wren on wall painting by Mike Woodcock
This artwork by Mike Woodcock was painted with acrylics on board. In a relistic style.
Wren by Wayne Westwood painted in acrylic
Wayne style gives his acrylic painting a mirrow shine, produced by building up different layers then using a wax seal, here the wren melts into the nest.

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