To Advertise or promote Seasoned Logs local to you
please Ring Paul on 01795 532370 or email

What we look for from log sellers

To sell logs via this website we require a firewood producer to sell a fixed amount of logs at a standard price of good quality for the use that the customer requires it for, weather it is for an open fire or wood burner. Three things need to be clearly shown
1) Volume
2) Price
3) Type of wood

The size of a load, for the words “a load of logs” could be anything so we need you to give a fixed amount i.e. a builder bag measuring 900mm x 900 mm x 900mm being .67 cubic meters of hardwood at £xx.xx if you are vat registered and you add the additional vat on top of the advertised price then it needs to show “plus Vat”. Or you may use a cubic meter bag so sell the logs per cubic meter but softwood at £yy.yy, if you do a trailer load put the measurement of the trailer so a volume can be worked out.

In addition we ask if you just tip/drop off or if you will move and stack the load away from the drop off point, if so is there an additional cost.
We will only take national firewood delivery companies if we do not have a local supplier any pages that are used by a national supplier will revert to a local supplier when one approaches us. The national company will be repaid the percentage for the period of time the advert has not run.
If we find that a supplier is not trading as advertised we reserve the right to terminate the advert repaying the percentage of the period outstanding.

What we offer log/firewood advertisers.

A website site page or pages, that are set up to obtain sales of logs in a set town area, this will be linked to competitors in other towns and counties but theirs will also be linked to you so that the customer can find their most local supplier that advertisers on this site. Each page may have external advertising that will reduce your outlay so it is your choose.

What must be on your web page?

Your name plus or business name
Your Phone number, mobile and or landline
The loads that you deliver plus the prices
Your deliver conditions

Here is the additional information that can be added.

A little history of your business or you related to the sale of logs
Your email address, option for direct hyper link that will generate you additional spam
A link to your website if you have one
A registered business address
Other related services you offer subject to us agreeing but these will not be Search Engine Optimised SEO.
You can make a change to any page after 3 months of it last being modified without additional charges.

How we select your area to sell logs in

We would wish to cover the whole of the United Kingdom, but do want our advertiser to see a good return on their investment and run profitable business with our help, from our own experience deliveries much over 15 miles start to become less profitable so require a higher charge, but we realise in remote locations a larger area may be required to make a living. The converse also holds that in highly populated area a smaller area would suit.
Therefore we will base our offer of towns by consent but for most people the guild would be based on the following, an area of about 15 miles radius by road, from their base. If a new supplier comes in that crosses into an existing area (a 15 mile radius for this example), the first advertiser will take precedence unless a village that is more than 10 miles from the originals supplies base and associated with a town over 15 miles from the originals base, then this will be promoted on both pages.
We will agree the towns for promotion and then show you a webpage preview which will only go live once the invoice has been paid.

Advertising rates per area per year.

Per Town with advertising

1 town (1 page) £20 plus VAT

Each extra town (page) £15 plus VAT

Per Town without external advertising

1st Town £50 plus VAT

Each extra town (page) £45 plus VAT


Woodland being coppiced for log production
Woodland being coppiced for logs, improving the ecology of the wood, allowing light onto the woodland floor to start the tree growing circle again.
Timber stack, drying out you can see process starting by the split ends,
Timber stack, dry out before processing into logs for open fires and wood burners, you can see the ends splitting showing the drying process taking place
Woodman coppice fire
Fire to clear brush from coppicing a Kent Wood, were the trees are converted to logs for sale for Open fires and woodburners

These are the local log supplier in the following towns or larger villages in Kent that we work with at present.

Logs for sale Maidstone,

Logs for sale Canterbury,

Logs for sale Faversham,

Logs for sale Sittingbourne,

Logs for sale Teynham,

Logs for sale Whitstable,

Logs for sale Folkestone and Hythe,

Logs for sale Dover,

Logs for sale Deal area,

Logs for sale Thanet,

Logs for sale Rainham,

If you supply well season logs locally in area not covered above anywhere in the U.K. please contact us if you would like to promote yourself here.

Woodman coppicing Managed Woodland with Deer fencing Nuthatch a woodland bird painted by
Alan M Hunt
for sale
Coppicing woodland, with woodman tree felling. Managed woodland  Painting Nuthatch on autumn leaf branch
Kent mixed hardwood wood, with felled Hornbean in forground A woodland showing standards above under coppice wood, used for a pheasant shoot Dead tree branch with Nuthatch

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