Paul and Sue Cumberland opened Birds Birds Birds in June 2001. They came into this business after running a pet business which was built to three shops and a small wholesale round.
The inspiration for this project came from Paul's long interest in birds. From the young age of 9, by the time he was 15 he helped with the school Y.O.C club, now the R.S.P.B. Wildlife Explores. On leaving school Ornithology along with photography were his primary interests.
This led to wanting pictures of birds in his early twenties, any bird art, but he had trouble finding any good bird representative items and when he was successful there was only one or two to choose from.
In recent years his experience in Town Centre Management, though his work for the local Chamber. Paul realised there was an outlet for his interest in birds and art that could be turned into a business; this was the foundation for BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS.
Since opening, the shop has generated much interest, when in its eighth year it was  becoming the nations no. 1 bird gallery. Steadly increaseing its client base, and had encouraged professional wildlife artists onto their portfolio, with many others contacting to join the stable of artists in this progresive gallery. Prints were then being produced and published in house, using the giclee system.
In 2007 Paul was voted in as the treasure of The Fine Art Trade Guild. He stood down in 2013.

If you have found us in the past we hope you enjoyed the range on display,
In April 2013 due to a decline is disposable income that started back in 2009, and Paulís belief it would be another 3 years at least before people had confidence to spend disposable income along with having a Heart Attack just the previous September, it was closed and let to an estate agent. We are sorry for all those that will miss visiting us, but we are still in contact with all the artists so can still help you if you wish us to.
The general idea at present is to play at this website to see if it can generate an income so Paul can pay to develop the Art sales website which would form a major part of his new novel marketing plan to offer a new route to market for artist to sell their work and collectors to purchase it, which illuminates the traditional galleries problem today, were purchasers are contacting the artist directly through the internet to make a direct purchase and cutting out the galleries commission, my new plan will encourage this contact.
Paul will spend more time on his bird photography till then.

Where to contact us

C/O Flat
4, Limes Place,
Preston St,
Kent. ME13 8PQ

Phone: 44. 01795 532370