How to attract birds to your garden

This will only be achieved if you give the birds what they require. The first things are food and water. Water is needed for drinking and bathing.
Food needs to be different for different types of birds. Birds with short bumpy beaks, similar to that of house sparrows, eat mainly seeds as a staple diet. The more varieties and sizes of seeds on offer, the greater the number of species of birds that will visit your garden. To get birds with pointed beaks like robins, insects and soft food are needed. One way to get this in your garden is by planting shrubs and flowers that attract insects. All lawns only offer worm type insects, but not when it's baked dry in the summer, and only to larger birds. A pile of rotten wood would offer far more.
If you can offer an area large enough for the birds to find food all year, then nest sites can keep them in your garden. Further research will help you find what type of sites each species of bird requires.