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Wildlife Artist that paint British Birds

The following artists worked with us at Birds Birds Birds when we had the brick and mortar bird art gallery in Faversham and is our way of thanking them for their support, I have placed them in no pacific order, and we will then add other wildlife artists afterwards as they apply, any British wildlife artist can apply to have a free listing here. But we will jury your work before you are added free of charge, but if you wish to upgrade to having your own page with your contact details or links to your own website we will need to make a small charge. Use the contact link to email us.

Hoopoe by artist Pat Carlton, original for sale Pat Carlton
Main medium; Acrylic
Pat Carlton Wildlife Artist
No Personal Website

Patricia but generally known as Pat Carlton was one of the artists work that was on the wall the first day we opened, and we have seen her work improve over the years and I have enjoyed our journey together in the Art market, Pat has been a top selling artist every year since we opened general in the top three places, I believe the first painting we sold for her was a Palm Cockatoo an Australian bird. The last painting that went before the gallery was let to an estate agent was most fittingly one of Pat Carlton’s this time a British Blackbird.

Pheasants taking off in Birch wood, for sale artist P. Bainbridge Peter Bainbridge
Medium; mainly Oil on Canvas or Board,

We first meet after I saw his work at Arundel WWT birdfair, and he pop over to the shop to pick up the art screens I bought back for him, since then he has been one of our most successful artists, his talent spreads to equestrian artwork focusing his paintings on the horse racing market. This painting of Pheasants we have for sale.

Dipper by artist Mike Woodcock Mike Woodcock
Medium; Acrylic generally on art board card, just starting with Oils

Mike works in the image industry, often painting daily, constantly producing good quality paintings with a good understand of composition, and a love of old metal and stones, which is often found in his work. He was extremely proud of winning the Bird section of the BBC wildlife artist of the year in 2010 with a Peregrine after a Lapwing titled, Too Late.

Great Spotted Woodpecker by artist Alan M Hunt, for sale Alan Hunt
Medium; Acrylic
Alan. M. Hunt

Quality artwork, not the cheapest but as good as any you will find anywhere in the world and in reality relative cheaper than a few years ago, the only reason not to buy is you cannot afford it or the style is not to your liking, we only managed to exhibited his work after he got released from the Halcyon Gallery.

Robin by artist Mary Want, org Sold Mary Want
Medium; Watercolour
Mary Want Watercolour Artist, Sold
No Website

Mary Want was the first artist I came across that painted Birds when her husband run the school YOC club, she had stopped painting bird when I had planned to open the gallery, but I am grateful for her putting Bird subjects back into her portfolio of flowers and local scenes, she was also the President of her local art society. This painting of a Robin was very successful for a charity publisher.

Godmersham Park, Shoot Day, for sale, artist W.A. Westwood Wayne Westwood
Medium; Acrylic on Board

W. A. Westwood artwork can be found in some of the best art galleries in England. His ability to reproduce an image with a three dimensional feel needs to be seen to understand the beauty of his style.

Red Kite Head Study by artist
David L Prescott David Prescott

Medium, Generally Gouache or Acrylic

David Prescott

David has exhibited along side the best artists globally, and being involved in the arts for his income for a number of years He moved back to the U.K. to look after his parents and at present is planning to return to the States.

Buzzard being 
mobbed by Crow, artist Tim Major Tim Major
Medium; Etching

No personal website

A talented general etcher, that has produced a series of etchings of Birds of Prey, limited to 30 of each. Last time we spoke he was complaining about the price of copper.

Reeve by artist Andrew Becket, sold Andrew Beckett
Medium; Oil
No personal website

Andrew taught at a polytechnic and fully understands composition, light and can control his brush with great skill, he is an artist that keeps pushing himself to improve and experimenting in different techniques, if he painted just commercially, which I expect he never will, he would quickly achieve great success.

Puffin with Sandells by artist Sam Harvey Sam Harvey
Medium; Coloured Inks

Sam a young talent, an artist that is still making her mark, watch her as she has the ability to be one of the big names for the future, her impressionistic artwork captures the sense of the subject it portrays.

Grey Partridge grahite, by artist Jonathan Pointer Jonathan Pointer
Medium; Oil and Graphite

Jonathan was the first artist that I saw sell out of original paintings on his stall over a weekend event, with a single exception that off a Chicken painting. His work is popular and with his low rate of output due to his technique his demand is likely to stay high for the rest of his career, he also produces graphite pencil work to a very high standard, which are easier to obtain. In resent years he has had a bi annual solo exhibition, other then that most original coloured paintings have been commissions.

Wildfowl painting, artist Simon Trinder Simon Trinder
Medium; Watercolour
Simon Trinder Flicker

Simon produced the BASC stamp image in 2012, being a true countryman, he has the understand for that sporting image that you seek, and its interesting watching him compose a painting from straight out of his head without any reference material, but capturing the atmosphere and that mysterious moment of bird and light that autumn on the foreshore or a flight pond can produce.

Woodcock by artist Richard Allen Richard Allen born 1964 in Berkshire
Medium; Watercolour

Richard is an illustrator and is developing his own looser style for his original painting work, as with most bird illustrators he enjoys his bird watching.

Crested Quetzel by artist Eustace Barnes Eustace Barnes
Medium; Gouache

No Personal website

One of those lucky men that has been able to make his living from his hobby, that of painting and bird watching, he leads tours around the world but is best now for South America birding, this is reflected by his artwork both paintings and the numerous books illustrated of South American birds.

Harliquin Duck by artist David Cook David Cook
Medium; Chroma colour, pencil and papercut.
Personally does not have a website

David is a well respected artist, who has played a part in material research for suppliers over the years, and exhibited at a number of prestigious locations around the world; with his artwork hang in public buildings, private homes, stately homes including board rooms. Along with produced a number of card images for WWT and the RSPB over the years. He donates a regurlar award each year for the NEWA exhibition.

Wilburg Chicken by artist Paul Apps Paul Apps
Medium; Oil


Paul makes his living from his art, painting african wildlife, birds, and Pan air landscapes are among his subjects, he now has a studio where he runs art teaching workshops.

Pintail by illustrator Jan Wilzcur Jan Wilzcur
Medium; Gouache

No website of his own

Jan Wilzcur enjoys his bird watching, and makes his living out of Bird illustration work, this shows in the detail and tightness of his originals, a number of his paintings are of a rare bird he has seen.

Breaded Reedlings by artist Norman McCanch Norman McCanch
Medium; Watercolour

Norman McCanch, has had a lifetime interest in natural history, he was the author of The Lighthouse Keeper recalling his story of the birds he saw whilst a lighthouse keeper illustrated by his own paintings. He finish his working life as a teacher, now retired he will have more time for wildlife and you may well come across him around Kent with his sketch book.

Golden Eagle by artist Clive Meredith Clive Meredith
Medium; Graphite

The first time I meet Clive was at the Spring Fair, a trade show at Birmingham were he was promoting his prints. Later when we were able to obtain a few of his magnificent original graphite drawings, they proved popular.

White Fronted Geese, by artist Ian Phipps Ian Phipps
Medium; Oil

No personal website

This Wildfowler that portrays the magic moments whilst out practicing his country craft, it is that intense knowledge that comes through in his paintings.

Wildfowl by artist Bob Davidson Bob Davidson
Now on the Isle of Islay or was in 2012
Medium; Watercolour
No Website

Bob spent his working life as a Gamekeeper and painted as a hobby, I first come across his work at Tenterden Art Society, he had work hanging on our first day being open and made the first purchase in the gallery, an Island Porcelain piece which he still has. On retiring he has moved to the Isle of Islay, enjoying the wildlife and sport on the island. I last meet him at Rutland Birdfair 2012 were he was helping out on a stand.

Kestrel by a wildlife artist Grahame Wolfenden
Medium; Gouache
no website

Graham Wolfenden contacted us when he was looking to brake into art we made a number of sales for him and he won the Bird section of the Wildscape Magazine annual art competition whilst with us, he has since decide to withdraw from his original goal to become a full time wildlife artist.

Garden bird Illustration by artist Alan Harris Alan Harris
Medium; Watercolour
As of 3rd October 2013

Alan Harris, is well know for his bird book illustrations, and is a keen Birder. The last time I spoke to him his health was restricting his painting. I was please to get an email in October 2013 saying he has a website and it had new work on it. Well worth a look if you like realistic illustrated type of artwork.

Swan by wildlife artist Ken Stroud Ken Stroud
Medium; Oil


Ken Stroud was one of the founders of The Wildlife Art Society TWAS, and then went on to edit and published Wildscape a magazine about art and conservation, with a world wide circulation. This was fitted in around his painting mainly of wildlife especially African, but other subjects are just as likely from this talented artist.

Ptarigan by artist Paul Hazell Paul Hazell, born in 1950
Medium; Watercolour

Paul has a passion for the country life and was involved in turning a gravel pit into a reserve over a number of years, he enjoys getting close to his subjects and hopes that is portrayed in his artwork.

Artist Martyn Brook, Grouse and Stags Martyn Brook
Medium; Oil

Most of Martyn artwork are paintings of a Country pursuit scene, incorporating a Bird or Birds, Deer or even a Bird of Prey. He flies birds himself so has a good understanding and excellant contacts for reference material to paint the latter.

painting by artist Vanessa Jayne Vanessa Jayne
Medium; Oil

A talented all round artists, and a member of The Society of Women Artists.

Kingfisher by artist Andrea Brum Andrea Brum
Medium; Gouache
No website found

For a photographic artist you will find no better, now the best place to see his work is the NEWA exhibition.

Egret by artist Annapaola Del Nevo Annapaola Del Nevo
Medium; Watercolour

Annapaola was interduced to us by David Cook, but the distance and cost of moving artwork limited our working together.

Alan Woollett
Medium; Graphite and Watercolour

Alan paints and draws whilst being a modern father, he has won a number of national awards.

artist Mike Colmen, Seaducks Mike Colmen
No website known

Mike is known as a tour guild and enjoys his painting with his unique style using a palette knife.

Robin used as Christmas Card artist Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor
Medium Watercolour
Cannot find a Website

We had success with reselling Christmas card images for him a second time around.

artist Barbara Rae Norridge, Barn Owl Barbara Rae Norridge
no personal website found

We had a couple of large painting from this female South African Artist, her work had impact with strong composition.

not to use
his images"
Colin Woolf
Medium; Watercolour

Colin is one of them men who has his own mind; he has succeeded in making a living out of his art, allowing him to stay indulged in his love of the countryside, first living in North Wales when I first meet him and now exploring the beauty of Scotland and its wildlife as his base. Controlling his own destiny has caused him to self publish both prints and Books, whilst he has made a name for himself by painting woodcock pictures with the woodcock’s pin feather. He wishes to promote himself so we are unable to show any of his images and have not linked his website.

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